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Say! Africa for the Africans
, Like America for the Americans:
This the rallying cry for a nation,
Be it in peace or revolution.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Great Africa wakes;
She is calling her sons, and none forsakes,
But to colors of the nation runs,
Even though assailed by enemy guns.

Cry it loud, and shout it Ion` hurrah!
Time has changed, so hail! New Africa!
We are now awakened, rights to see:
We shall fight for dearest liberty.


When we think of all the care
That made life`s burden great,
We long for the passing year
To close our sad book of Fate:
But if we should stop a while,
And think once the other way,
Life would be just all a smile,
As we, go on day by day.

We should never make day night
For to darken life,`s good view;
Round that turning is the light
That shines as a guide to you:
Think of all that`s really good,
Then make it your daily rule;
Smile with Nature`s Brotherhood,
And none make your footstool.

A proverb for every day,
And one more for each good night,
Should make life so pleasant, yea,
Would lead us to live all right:
Turn not from sane rectitude,
But make life just like a song,
Go ye not with the multitude
To any path that`s wholly wrong.
October 24, 1927


There`s music in my soul today,
A joy of heart not there before:
This state of conscience I relay
To rich and proud and meek and poor.

There`s music in my happy Soul:
From Heaven`s realm doth truly flow
This music in my happy Soul,
My conscience tells me riglitly so.

My song of joy I sing to you:
Let peace and love forever be
Among ye men of every hue,
Of every land and charted sea.

I crave no other fortune great,
But joy to live in peace with God;
My hopes are fixed on His Estate,

In faith so true as prophets had.

This music in my soul today
I spread in truth with love unfurled;
On waves of cheer it goes, I pray,
To reach around the belted world.
August 23, 1927


Black queen of beauty, thou hast given color to the world!
Among other women thou art royal and the fairest!
Like the brightest of jewels in the regal diadem,
Shin`st thou, Goddess of Africa, Nature`s purest emblem!

Black men worship at thy virginal shrine of truest love,
Because in thine eyes are virtue`s steady and holy mark,
As we see in no other, clothed in silk or fine linen,
From ancient Venus, the Goddess, to mythical Helen.

When Africa stood at the head of the elder nations,
The Gods used to travel from foreign lands to look at thee:
On couch of costly Eastern materials, all perfumed,
Reclined thee, as in thy path flow`rs were strewn-
sweetest that bloomed.

Thy transcendent marvelous beauty made the whole world mad,
Bringing Solomon to tears as he viewed thy comeliness;
Anthony and the elder Ceasars wept at thy royal feet,
Preferring death than to leave thy presence, their foes to meet.

You, in all ages, have attracted the adoring world,
And caused many a bloody banner to be unfurled:
You have sat upon exalted and lofty eminence,
To see a world fight in your ancient African defense.

Today you have been dethroned, through the weakness of your men,
While, in frenzy, those who of yore craved your smiles and your hand-
Those who were all monsters and could not with love approach you-
Have insulted your pride and now attack your good virtue.

Because of disunion you became mother of the world,
Giving tinge of robust color to five continents,
Making a greater world of millions of colored races,
Whose claim to beauty is reflected through our black faces.

From the handsome Indian to European brunette,
There is a claim for that credit of their sunny beauty
That no one can e`er to take from thee, 0 Queen of all

Who have borne trials and troubles and racial burden.
Once more we shall, in Africa, fight and conquer for you,
Restoring the pearly crown that proud Queen Sheba did wear:
Yea, it may mean blood, it may mean death; but still we shall fight,

Bearing our banners to Vict`ry, men of Afric`s might.
Superior Angels look like you in Heaven above,
For thou art fairest, queen of the seasons, queen of our love:
No condition sball make us ever in life desert thee,
Sweet Goddess of the ever green land and placid blue sea.

February 28, 1927